Sikorsky SH-34J
Dutch naval flying service (MLD)
Sikorsky SH-34J in 1/72 scale : kit review and modelling report

Italeri issued quite of number of helicopter kits, mostly in 1/72. Some were also released by Revell.

The Sikorsky S-58 was also operated  by the Dutch Naval Flying Service (MLD: Marine Luchtvaart Dienst) in the search and rescue role and the ASW role in the sixties and seventies. It also operated at a time from the single Dutch aircraft carrier Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman, named after the famous naval fleet commander of WW.II in the Dutch Indies KIA in the Java Zee.  

This kit is from Italeri in 1/72 scale, kit no. 1066, UH-34J Sea horse; 

The kit is quite good and ...


.... and a lot of parts needed for the Dutch MLD version are there! 

1- a doppler fairing was added aft of the cabin below and on top of  the tail.
2- the grilles were replaced by cutting and installing fine mesh, both below the forward fuselage, the engine sides in parts 30b/34b and rotor part 65a.
3- parts 26b, 29a are not needed.
4- part 35b or 31b with the exhaust pipes are not needed; you will need to make two pipes in stead. 
5- two types of gear struts were used, the V-shaped and the tri-pod shaped gear. Parts 42/43b can be used.
6- sometimes, flotation gear bottles are fixed onto the wheel hubs of parts 38a. 
7- the location of the door window 51c needs to be moved to the side on part 50b.
8- add the various wires and antenna's from fishing line and sprue.

The model made as a UH-34J was fun to make and detail. 

The S-58 model shown is a SH-34J of no. 7 squadron of the Dutch naval flying service (Marine Luchtvaart Dienst) of the Koninklijke Marine (Royal Netherlands Navy) carrier Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman used for ASW. 



The decals are from the excellent Dutch Decal set 72034. Finish was done with the standard post war MLD colours using enamels: Extra Dark Sea Grey (Humbrol 90) and Sky (Xtracolour X607). Code "D" suggest on board assignment at the carrier Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman. 

uh-34 italeri 1/72



uh-34 mld 



mld uh-34  italeri 1/72 

... on a visit to MLD base Valkenburg...

mld uh-34 valkenburg



- IPMS Nederland, MIP magazine 1983, number 4

- IPMS Nederland real info about S-58 / UH-34 MLD

- IPMS Nederland S-58 Walkaround

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