Republic F-105 Thunderchief

F-105D in 1/72 scale
The F-105 was, although having a "F" designation, developed by Republic Aircraft as a strike "fighter"/bomber. 
It was a product from the Cold war, being able to carry a single nuclear bomb also. It first flew in 1955, being produced in substantial numbers later on.

It was later on deployed in the strike role in Vietnam and was a very powerfull aircraft, loved by its pilots.   

The model is from Hasegawa, kit #js-014, being a very old kit from I think 1966 and of rather simple design with no details. (I bought the later Minicraft/Hasegawa kit release).


Plastic is in very dark green. 

The model can be made into a nice representation after some refining and detailling being accurate in baseline.  

I added a new seat and cockpit, with scraps of plastic and card. The canopy was set open with a razorsaw used to cut of the wind shield. The wheel bays were made and undercarriages were detailled and the gunbay opened. A refuelling probe was added from strip and tubing. Also tail hook was added and the exhaust pipe cut open to represent "feathers".  

Finally, I added a MER below the fuselage and a Shrike missile which came from a Hasegawa weapons set.

Decals came from Modeldecal set 10, representing a F-105D of 357 TFS, 355 TFW based on Takhli AFB, Thailand and deployed in Vietnam.


Camo scheme is standard USAF of the period of Fed. Std 34102, 34079, 30219, 36622 lower surfaces.  




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- Century Series in color, Squadron Signal, Lou Drendel
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- Air international, Volume 30. pages 185..

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