Republic F-105 Thunderchief
[ Hasegawa]

F-105D in 1/72 scale
The F-105 was, although having a "F" designation, developed by Republic Aircraft as a strike "fighter"/bomber. 

It was a product from the Cold war, being able to carry a single nuclear bomb also. It first flew in 1955, being produced in substantial numbers later on.

It was later on deployed in the strike role in Vietnam and was a very powerfull aircraft, loved by its pilots. 

The model is from Hasegawa, kit no. js-014, being a very old kit and of rather simple design with no details.

The model can be made into a nice representation after some refining and detailling being accurate in baseline. 
I added a new seat and cockpit, with scraps of plastic and card. The canopy was set open with a razorsaw used to cut of the windshield. The wheel bays were made and undercarriages were detailled and the gunbay opened. A refuelling probe was added from strip and tubing. Also tailhook was added and the exhaust pipe cut open to represent "feathers". Finally, I added a MER below the fuselage and a Shrike missile which came from a Hasegawa weapons set.

Decals came from Modeldecal set 10, representing a F-105D of 357 TFS, 355 TFW based on Takhli AFB, Thailand and deployed in Vietnam.

Camo scheme is standard USAF of the period of  Fed. Std 34102, 34079, 30219, 36622. 

- Century Series in color, Squadron Signal, Lou Drendel
- F-105 in action, Squadron signal
- Air international, Volume 30. pages 185..

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