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The B-57, the American license build Canberra of Martin, can be made using the Italeri kit #144 in 1/72 scale.
The kit has decals for a black and camouflaged USAF B-57.

The night RB-57A of 1 TRS of the 10 Tactical Recon Wing of the USAF as based in West Germany in 1957 was made. 

The model had some small adaptions:
1- re-located right window below the cockpit
2- added some detail to the nose undercarriage
3- shortened the rear bombbay doors
4- all raised panel lines were sanded off and rescribed

The model has the correct engines. I also added the opened trailing edge flaps with red inner colour. 

The markings were made using coloured decals and various spare decals. 
Red upper walkway stripes came from the kit.

B-57 reference: 
- In Action 77, B-57 Canberra, Squadron Signal in action series with the colour page  




Another B-57 kit of Italeri in 1/72 was converted into a B-57B of the Pakistani AF, with a special radar nose. It is a model representing a PAF 7 squadron aircraft based at Massroor in 1981. 

The nose came from a spare droptank and the model was fitted with small antennas and some fairings under the nose. The trailing edge flaps were also "drooped". 

b-57b pakistan

canberra pakistan

b-57b pakistan  

bac canberra pakistan

canberra pakistan  

canberra pakistan

Matchbox also issued in the eighties a 1/72 Canberra kit #PK-408, representing the PR.9 with the different (longer chord) wings and larger tailplane. The kit came in 1978.
It had multi coloured parts with almost no panel lines.
(the kit was also later released in 1996 by Revell Germany).
parts layout
Decals in the orginal Matchbox offering were for 3 RAF schemes:
- no.13 Sqn. based at Akrotiri Cyprus, March 1970 in standard camou scheme.
- no. 39 Sqn. at Wyton, 1974 in the standard camo scheme of dark green, dark sea grey,  and lower light aircraft grey
- no. 58 Sqn. at Wyton, 1963 in overall metal/high speed silver.


The kit was detailed with an opened cone for forward crew entry and servicing and the various camera's. 

The model was finished in a different scheme with a typical sand colour of RAF recon Canberra's. 

The wire antennas were also added.


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