Meindert de Vreeze  

Project Aircraft SHA 

Graduated as an aircraft design engineer at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands way back in 1987. In the curriculum preliminary design work was also done. 

The Short Haul Airliner conceptual design was for a 35 seat fast (Mach 0.72) commuter jet. The project was done by me and a study friend and lasted over a year and all sorts of estimates were done of lay-out, performance, weights, propulsion. Also some detail structural design work was undertaken. Aim of this project was to learn a multi-disciplinary approach for conceptual aircraft design, sometimes called the "architect" of the aircraft. We won with the SHA the student award called the "Prof.Dobbinga studieprijs". 
The layout sketch shows the internal details of this conceptual aircraft design and a balsa wood model shows an impression of it.


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