Meindert de Vreeze  

Project Helicopter CVH
The final graduation focussed on the conceptual design of the helicopter. After a period at a famous foreign Aircraft manufacturer company, the aerospace faculty desired a new impulse into design methods for helicopters.

The specification of the CVH (Civil Helicopter) was based on the Seaking. What do we need as a possible replacement for this famous Sikorsky helicopter? The Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) was involved in the H4 project and provided assistance. The design work was done at the Delft University of Technology/ Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, commonly known as "Vliegtuigbouw". 

The CVH project concentrated both on the conceptual design itself as well as on predictive methodologies. 
A computer program was developed to calculate rotor design characteristics and performance using "rotor blade theory". The method includes the complicated flapping of the blades, the airfoil shape and all the stability effects on the helicopter itself. The system is still in use today. The CVH project took over 15 months to complete.


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