Westland Wasp
RNethNavy (MLD)

last update June 30, 2002  

photos of the "real thing"
Westland Wasp Light Utility and ASW shipboard helicopter .
Royal Netherlands Navy air wing (MLD): 12 Lynx mk.1 ordered February 1966 from Westland Helicopters, delivered 15 November
1966 to 7 June 1967. Serrialed 235 to 246. One aircraft replacement delivered 18 April 1974, serialled 247.

Operated mostly from 'Van Speijk' class frigates by 860 sqn, in the ASW role. Withdrawn 23
March 1981 and sold to Indonesian Navy.

photos taken of a Wasp helicopter of the Netherlands Navy in a museum at Den Helder/ de Kooy; photos (c) Meindert de Vreeze

NOTE: this "235" Wasp is a former Royal Navy helicopter ( XT795 ) with a Dutch Navy MLD scheme applied.





and at an air show..


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