Mikoyan Mig-29 UB  Fulcrum
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The Revell model in 1/32 scale needs modifications to really represent an accurate model of this fascinating aircraft. 

Revell issued two kit-versions, a single- and two seater. For this model, I used the two seater version as it has a nice look and clear lines with the old box #4751 seen here:

(probably ACE modelkit copied this kit..)

The model of the two seater Mig-29UB is more accurate than the one seater version model, especially on the lower fuselage and tail area. 

But the nose section of any of the Revell MIG-29 Fulcrum 1/32 kit requires major modification as the "upper fairing" at the sides with the "intake louvres" of the cockpit is much to high. The local fuselage cross-section was changed here to get a lower profile as seen in this picture from the rear. Cuts were made and lots of putty used.
Although I thus "lost the intake louvres", this was not a problem as these louvres are closed when the engines are not running.

Otherwise, only details made from bits and pieces were added to this kit.

Assembly gave no problems. 

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2KB Mig upper view
This upper view shows the two seater trainer version of this aircraft with open canopy and missile load. 
8KB cockpit
The cockpit was scratchbuilt with new instrument panels and the seats detailed with plasticcard. 
2KB seat view
3KB cockpit view
The canopy itself was OK but the periscope was detailed. I also added some "plumbing" and mirrors.
18KB view Mig-29


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