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FAA  models in 1/72 scale kit review ? building report
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Czech Model Master kit of the Supermarine Scimitar

The prototype Scimitar shipborn fighter first flew in 1954. Variants were Type 508 and Type 529 : Straight wing prototypes, the Type 525 Swept wing prototype;  Type 544 : Prototype for the F.1 Scimitar. 
The F-1 was a single-seat multi-role fighter aircraft with two Rolls Royce Avon engines. The FAA got about 75 F1 planes and they served until 1969, not being used in any war theatre.

CZECH MASTER from Czechia issued a kit in 1/72 scale. This is a kit with resin parts and it is currently the "only" 1/72 Scimitar kit available (older vacforms and a very rare Frog kit were once the only kits of this type). Although quite expensive, it should be part of the FAA model collection.
Basic accuracy seems OK, except for the forward cockpit section because the canopy looks a bit too small. It was decided to leave this as is. 

You can parts for a complete Scimitar kit in 1/72 scale. The wings are solid and the intakes also have a splitter plate.

The resin parts are fine, except for the aft horizontal stabilizer which is very thin and warped. 
The decals are very extensive and instructions include good pictures of a real Scimitar. 

First, remove the pouring stabs at the fuselage parts. Please take the necessary safety precautions here! 

Next, clean up all the resin parts and prepare them ready for assembly.

Inside the fuselage, an intake was made with some bended card.

The wing needs a re-inforcement. Small metal pins were used (paperclip) and holes drilled in both wing root and fuselage.

The basic kit required also the opening of the tail hook bay. 
Next, assembly was done of the main parts. 

The aft horizontal stabilizer was warped and just is too thin to make in resin. using card and an old bomb, a replacement was made which is far better.

The overall assembled model need modest amounts of filler, and after some sanding it was sprayed light grey.

The cockpit is very small, so only some extra details with some rod and sprue is really needed. 

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