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F18 models in 1/32 scale
Hasegawa & Academy 
F-18 modelling report

Final steps to the Hasegawa kit was adding the nose radar and its equipment. The Academy's kit parts were used for that purpose. The bulkhead #J15 of the Academy kit was already added to the Hasegawa kit so the radar parts can easily be fitted as stated in Step 21 of the instructions. The nose cone was also set with part #J16 and set in place.

The final finishing touch was adding some missiles to the Academy kit.

  AIM-120 AMRAAM and large Fueltank

  AGM-88 HARM missile

The HORNETS are ready for take off now!
Enjoy some final pictures!
Academy kit

    and the Hasegawa kit with "radar" 

a nice couple of 1/32 F-18's in the collection....

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a model put in a deck...