Fairchild A-10 "Warthog"

Three A-10 models in 1/72 scale, modelling report by Meindert de Vreeze
modelling report
kit review
The Fairchild / Republic A-10 is a attack aircraft of the USAF, designed to fly at low level during ground battles. Hundreds of them are in service with the USAF.

Several models in 1/72 exist, to first one came from Monogram way back in 1977, later from Airfix/Heller, Hasegawa, Academy, Matchbox and others
.A-10 sideview

forward view

The Monogram /72 model (no. 5405) is simple but results into a nice representation.

Add enough weight in the nose first, than assemble. You need some putty, especially on the engine nacelles and the model will benefot from detailing the undercarriage and cockpit. Also, add the wing LE guide vanes on the inboard wing, as these are fitted to production aircraft, this model being based on a "pre-production" version.

An open panel was added as a detail, along with the supplied crew access ladder and some stores from a Hasegawa weapons set. 

The colourscheme has the light grey finish. Decals are best replaced by eg. another set, such as from Microscale. 
rear view

upper view


The Airfix A-10 kit was used as a basis for the conversion into the NA-10 two-seater variant. This was envisaged as all weather A-10, with special vision equipment. It never came into series production.
The conversion needs:
- larger tailfins (from card)
- new canopy (made from clear sheet)
- adapted bulged shape at the cockpit (card)
- vision pod

The length and the basic wing are as for the normal A-10.

I also, besides the conversion, added:
- the detailed canonbay and doors, including the canon itself
- a detailed engine

upper view NA-10

forward fus

. engine detail with opened hatch

cockpit NA-10
the instrument panels and NAW-10 cockpit

The model was finished in simply overall FS 36188. Decals came from an A-10 sheet.

tailrear view



Another Monogram A-10 model was finished in the "European" camouflage scheme. 
 Another kit I have is the one of Academy in 1/72, but I still need to build it. Is seems to be a nice kit (copied from Hasegawa?...)

side view European A-10

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- Squadron Signal, A-10 in action
- Air international Vol 16, page 270
- Scale aircraft modelling, 98/11 , 78/12

Created December 2000

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