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Title/ Degree: 
Ir. Luchtvaart- en Ruimtevaart Techniek   / (eq. MSc Aeronautical Engineering )  
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Assisted parents at high age in their day-to-day lives ("Mantelzorg").
Participated in innovation contest and researched 3D printing.
2012 - 2016 0
Employer:  ..

Sector Information Technology

Amsterdam, The Netherlands  ..



Job Title (9)
Business Process Improvement Management consultant
CIO Office
Scope:  . The ABN AMRO operational IT processes are for a large part outsourced to dozens of Vendors. The governance is executed by various internal departments and the business. These requires careful consideration of existing vendor contract and performance in order to retain an efficient IT for the bank and its customers. 
As process improvement management consultant at the ABN AMRO IT CIO Office executed tasks and projects such as.....
. . 3
Improved the Business related IT processes for effective governance related to major incidents,emergencies and crisis situations. This included Internet Banking and IT environment with more than 5,000,000 external customers. Designed a clear and simple Command and Control organizational structure with clear responsibilities. Also implemented a clear contact network and rapid response emergency team at various levels up to CIO mobilization including business lines. 
More about Internet banking on ABN AMRO site....
. . 4
Set up IT Key Controls related to sensitive Business processes for compliance of the IT departments and external vendors to meet the stringent requirements of internal Audit but also the regulatory DNB, the central Dutch Bank, and American regulators. This was given a higher priority due to the worldwide banking- and economic- crisis. Focussed on the key controls of IT operational processes (many based on ITIL best practices) also changing their implementation as needed within the IT organizational structure.
. . 5
Participated in the confidential Outsourcing contracts renewal team to re-assess all contracts in place (yearly worth > 350 million), set up new Key Performance Indicators (KPI) focussed on a more vendors-bank partnership awarding methodology for Vendor management. Focussed on the IT operations governance using ITIL, Service Management and COBIT best practices as well as "green field" experience. 
. . 6
. .  .
Job Title (8): IT quality implementation consultant  2009-2011
IT Services department
Scope:  . Requested to move back to Amsterdam based internal ABN AMRO IT Services department after Dutch State took over all shares during banking crisis of 2008. This department controls all IT processes related to IT operations e.g. "run the IT" including all that is outsourced to external vendors. 
Executed a large numbers of tasks and projects such as.....
. . 11
Set-up considering Business processes and IT processes the Risk Controls like the day-to-day IT reporting on ITIL practices like Incident- and Problem management and the vendor interfaces. Dashboard installed.
. . 12
Improved the Project management practices with clear responsibilities including the interfaces like requirement, architecture design and day-to-day project controls at externally the vendors and involving Business interfaces internally in the bank. Used COBIT and PRINCE2 best practices including installment of "deliverables standard", Project Boards and Offices. Trained project managers on how to use this. 
. . 13
Employer:  ..
Royal Bank of Scotland

Amsterdam-ZO office 
.. 20


Job Title (7): ..
IT processes implementation consultant 
RBS Amsterdam. .
Scope:  . The ABN AMRO Bank was being split between RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland), Santander and Fortis. Assigned to the new RBS transition group within Amsterdam to work on aligning various IT processes like IT operations, Project management, Architecture and Governance to the RBS IT structure in Edinburgh Scotland. 
. . 22
Set up for the IT Transaction Banking Business line a new IT Way-of-Working for a better grip of the retained IT between Amsterdam and Scotland. This included clear definition and segregation/split of IT processes , the relevant IT Roles and Responsibilities and the change implementation. 
. . 23
Worked with the IT architecture groups of Amsterdam and Edinburgh to set-up a new architecture structure in line with the project management structure.

. . 24
Employer:  ..

Information Technology / Group Functions 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 



Job Title (6): IT processes consultant  2006-2007
Group Functions
Scope:  . The ABN AMRO Bank Global IT structure was implemented during 2005 and the strategic control was assigned to IT Group Functions. This function was for the CIO and established to manage Global IT from HQ in Amsterdam. (After a few years the Bank was acquired by 3 other banks).
Executed tasks and projects such as.....
. . 32
Establishing the designed Global Functions processes with focus on IT operations (like ITIL processes) and the outsourced Vendor interfacing. Worked on defining the process architecture in the tool ARIS with external help from a tool expert.

. . 33
Set up various IT controls and KPI's for the Group Functions. 
. . 34
. .  .
Job Title (5): IT processes consultant  2004-2006
Global Governance IT group
Scope:  . The ABN AMRO Bank was a Global bank and operated within The Netherlands, other European countries, North America, South America Brazil and Asia. Banking business expansion was the strategy and that also involved IT. The Global IT function needed to be improved with some local IT responsibilities executed locally under global direction and outsourced to vendors and some roles controlled from HQ in Amsterdam. 
Executed a large numbers of tasks and projects such as.....
. . 41
Designed a global overview of all relevant IT processes including IT operations, Change IT, Architecture, Vendor management, Project management and responsibilities for Local IT and Global IT. The Target Operating Model also included various Outsourced parties. 
. . 42
Defined the various People roles and functions for IT and the HR department for the various Global roles. This included the various steps for setting up the new IT organization by the Management and Control team. 


. . 43
Involved in the small confidential group to define IT processes and tasks to be outsourced on a global scale. (this was the largest Dutch Information Technology deal to be outsourced with nett value of 1,200,000,000 EURO for 5 years).
Worked on contracts, KPI's and the clear definitions of the interfaces. Reviewed vendor process proposals and defined controls. Advised on the FTE sizing and organisational structure.

. . 44
. .  .
Job Title (4): IT process architecture consultant 2001-2004
IT Architecture
Scope:  . The ABN AMRO Bank was primarily a Dutch bank with some offices across the globe and a large Bank in Brazil (Banco Real). The IT architecture function needed further improvement and also clear interfaces with the IT projects in Amsterdam. IT was largely executed "in house". 
Executed projects such as.....
. . 51
Set up the Architecture Governance with stakeholders from various IT application and services groups, IT operations and the Business. Ensured adequate Control and Communication.

. . 52
Assisted the central architecture-Board, a decision making body for the approval of large IT projects (portfolio > 120 million per year). Ensured appropriate agenda and deliverables for effective decision making by the board issue-ing "modelling permits". Communicated decisions and maintained control dashboard. 
. . 53
Set up IT architecture and project management acceptance criteria for effective "run IT" Operations. Rolled out the various criteria, often ITIL based, to the various developers, IT experts and other stakeholders. Also ensured adequate project verification with "Building Permit" structure for project approval. 


. . 54
Investigated the IT costs and benefits and created a frameworks for defining IT services, IT products and IT software and IT infrastructure. Created a first instance of an understandable IT Service Catalogue with "products and pricing". (This service catalogue was later expanded as a separate Service Product management department was set-up). 

. . 55
. .  .
Job Title (3): ITIL and Service management consultant started at ABN AMRO 
Scope: ABN AMRO bank IT required improvement also for the Stocks Dealing Room, so a dedicated support organization needed to be set-up and implemented. The Dealing room was the most modern one in Europe acting as "virtual dealing rooms" in both Amsterdam and the City of London.
Tasks included....
. . 61
ITIL training of the various IT employees for their roles in the general ITIL processes and tasks. 

. . 62
Setting up new support processes based on ITIL for the high performance critical dealing room. Processes like Incident management, Change management and operational control. 

. . 63

Quint Wellington Redwood

IT Organizational consultants

Amsterdam HQ

Job Title (2): IT Service management research consultant 1996-1998 
Scope:  . This company introduced ITIL Service management in The Netherlands and other Benelux countries. ITIL is a Best Practices standard developed in the United Kingdom for IT operational processes. Quint Consultants implemented on site in conjunction with their client the various ITIL processes within the Service management framework. A reference operating model IPW was used.
More info on the website...
Executed various tasks such as.....
. . 72
Developed a set of IT Service Management training courses for use by the consultants to train client employees. Training was to acquire the CCTA certifications. Created also the dedicated Quint Service Management training for IT Managers also considering the IT governance, strategy and a maturity levels road-map.

. . 73
Created a first Outsourcing Framework as many companies wanted to Outsource their IT activities. Looked at mapping of ITIL and Development processes, roles and contracts. Also set-up a logical implementation road map and set-up contract templates. 
. . 74
Made as research consultant various "job aids" for the Quint consultants to help them with process implementation at clients on site, improved the IPW model and ensured a Knowledge sharing network. Also published the booklet "ABC to IPW" that became a well known standard in ITSMF Service Management. (ITIL processes are the basis). 

More ITIL info...

. . 75

Fokker Aircraft Company

, The Netherlands

Job Title (1):
Preliminary aircraft design engineer
. . 81
Scope:  The Fokker Aircraft company was one of the five global end-to-end aircraft design and manufacturing companies. Established by aircraft pioneer Anthony Fokker in 1912, the company developed and produced thousands of aircraft. At the end of the Twentieth Century aircraft produced were the Fokker 50, Fokker 70 and Fokker 100. New aircraft were designed based on market research and airline requirements at the large Engineering department. The preliminary aircraft design department worked on future new aircraft. (unfortunately, the company was acquired by DASA and went bankrupt in 1996 due to a complex set of reasons).
More Wikipedia info....
As preliminary aircraft design engineer executed various tasks such as..... 
. . 82
Made new future aircraft designs in the aircraft preliminary design phase parallel in internal competition. Designs as follow up of Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 jet airliners, the "architect of the aircraft" . Performed analysis for each design regarding economy, flight performance, weights, markets, requirements, weight and balance and safety. Often details were verified in conjunction with engineering experts and/or windtunnel testing. Projects like Fokker P370 with revolutionary counter-rotating free turbine propellers and various other designs. 

. . 83
Developed and programmed the EVAERO Software for aerodynamic predictions using software language ADA with over 300 modules and > 1,000,000 sourcelines. The system could be used as design tool and also to generate aircraft simulation data and needed a minimal of set of characteristics of an aircraft. 
. . 84
Developed based on real aircraft- and test- data and literature revolutionary scientific aerodynamics prediction methods. Evaluated with dozens of data sets of actual aircraft data. (later EVAERO was developed). 

. . 85
Made various aircraft competition studies of other companies' aircraft. Conclusions were used by the Fokker Marketing and Sales to promote Fokker aircraft. 
. . 86
.  .
Koninklijke Landmacht  (Dutch Army)

Oirschot and Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Military service  Obliged to fulfill as Dutch citizen a role in Military Service
As Logistics expert for the introduction of computerized logistics and materials management at the Logistics command based in Apeldoorn. Created IT software for logistics material management and offered IT support throughout the Netherlands and West-Germany. Got a bonus for the software. 
. . 90
Served with the Army, first as deputy commander in the operational field of the M-109 artillery houwitser vehicle based in Oirschot.

. . 91
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Title/ Degree:  .
Ir. Luchtvaart- en Ruimtevaart Techniek   / ( eq. MSc Aeronautical Engineering )
1987 93

University education:
Delft University of Technology 
Department of Aerospace Engineering (Luchtvaart- en Ruimtevaart Techniek)
Delft, The Netherlands

More info link.....

Areas: Multi-disciplinary engineering at Master of Science level: aerospace in general, mathematics, preliminary aircraft design, informatics, theoretical and experimental research. Aircraft multi-disciplinary design. Business management. (total minimum 5 years program, on average 7 years with 80% failure rate) 
. . 95

Final thesis study work
Final university thesis study again at the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) in Amsterdam.
Work was executed on both a design as follow up helicopter of the famous Sikorsky Seaking but also developing new calculation methods with the first MSDOS PC for rotor aerodynamics. Used CAD as well. 

The Sikorsky Seaking gave the basic requirements for the future follow up CVH.



Practical study work (2)
Foreign practical study was at EMBRAER aircraft company in Brazil
Working on the at the EMBRAER preliminary design department at San Jose dos Campos (Brazil). 
Worked on the aerodynamic characteristics of a three-surface small passenger aircraft feasibility study. This project was the CBA-123 and was done in cooperation with FMA Argentina. Of the CBA-123 a single prototype was manufactured and flown but as the World was in economic crisis the project was stopped.

More CBA-123 info Wikipedia link.....



Practical study work (1)
First practical study was at the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) in Amsterdam.
Subject was investigation the use of Computer-aided-design (CAD) that was a new technology using Delft University mainframe Medusa design systems. Investigation was done of the layout of the NH-90 helicopter project started in a NATO program. 

More NH-90 info Wikipedia link....


Prof. Dobbinga Student Award for excellent TO "short haul airliner" design (which award was not submitted for over a decade).


. ... .

High School: 
Technical and mathematical areas
School at Harderwijk


. . #
Date of Birth:
        November 1960
  • very strong analytical and numerical skills
  • eye for the big picture and details
  • independent and incorruptible with political awareness
  • excellent process design bottom up with team input (not top-down)
  • knows what real processes are and what not, implement effectively but as simple as possible 
Courses and trainings: 
  • various discussion- and communication techniques training  (Korswagen)(NL)
  • Business Process Management expert training "people are the process" by Innovative Process Consulting Inc. (USA)
  • CMM training by Tim Kasse (USA)
  • COBIT training (NL)
  • ITIL training (developed for Quint 3 "IT Service management" courses!) (NL)
On the work floor:
  • team player 
  • multi-cultural awareness
. . 102
  • Dutch  (mother tongue, Verbal, read, write:  excellent)
  • English (Verbal, read, write:  good)
  • German (Verbal, read: fair)
. . 103
Interests and hobbies:
  • meeting up and dining with friends
  • international politics
  • motion pictures and documentaries 
  • travelling for pleasure (Americas, Japan, Australia, Europe).

Assisted parents at high age in their day-to-day lives ("Mantelzorg").
Participated in innovation contest and researched 3D printing.
2012 - 2016 105
Various: ..
Driving license for a car
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Contact information: through e-mail ..

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