Meindert de Vreeze

Project Helicopter H4

After doing some aircraft designs, why not getting  interested in THE helicopter, a relatively unknown subject at the faculty? 
Being offered a chance to do a preliminary study on the lay out of a future European helicopter at the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) , got into it!

The project looked at various constraints as dictated by requirements on size and a three dimensional Computer Aided Design system was used. The CAD system was quite new at the time at Delft University. Computer CPU requirements were that large that during the night, three systems running on VAX machines were used, feeding up to 95% of total Delft University VAX mainframe resources into the system.

The H4 design was calculated and engineered using laboratory engineering methods. Some methods came from the CVH project

The final design was used in the subsequent stages of the European Helicopter project, still in development (AFTER SO MANY YEARS!)  today.

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